Veo issues 


10/6/21 Purchased and paid £2168


25/7 Received 


31/8 Email to Veo - Problems connecting to the Veo and unable to upload a match 


1/9 From Veo “This is a known issue and we are working on a solution. We will reach out as soon as we have one.”


9/9 Veo scheduled a new software update to the camera


12/9 Email to Veo - can not make a simple wifi connection to the veo to start recording. Requested a full refund or a new veo to replace the faulty one.


14/9 From Veo “Unfortunately, we do not have new cameras, or replacements available at the moment. Could I please have you try the following troubleshooting for connectivity between phone and camera?” 


19/9 From Veo “First of all, I would like to apologise for the problems you are experiencing right now; it is far from the service and quality we are striving for.

The issue you are experiencing with your camera is something our software engineer team is investigating. We will come up with a solution as soon as possible. 

When I have an update from the engineers, I will contact you about the steps to move forward.

The camera is not broken in the sense that it cannot record matches. But we can not guarantee that you will experience this again until we have found a solution to the problem.

However, this means that your match can unfortunately not be retrieved, and we would like to give you our deepest apologies for that.”


25/9 From Veo “ Thank you so much for your patience in this frustrating process; it truly means a lot. 

We would like to offer you a new Veo Cam 1 to express how sorry we are, and so you do not have to go through our repair process with a brand new camera.

Our production is working at high pressure, and we will ship your new Veo Cam 1 within two weeks.”


29/9 Email to Veo - Sent replacement details as requested to Veo


9/10 From Veo “I wanted to keep you updated in regards to the situation with replacement cameras.

Our production team is working at high pressure and due to a shortage of camera components and sourcing issues, we still do not have a clear timeline on when we can ship you a new camera. However, we will be in touch as soon as we have more news for you. We understand it can be frustrating to wait, but we will do our best to have the new cameras ready soon.


We will let you know when your new camera has been shipped.”


2/12 Email to Veo to chase up replacement as still having issues and another appears to have recorded but once again nothing was actually recorded. 



5/12 Email to Veo. 5 attempts just to connected to the Veo. Also reported the following recording issues 



















6/12 Received Veo marketing “Order now, and receive your Veo Cam 1 before December 24!” 


8/12 From Veo “Thanks for your response, and I apologize for the inconvenience.


It seems like we'll have to bring your camera in for repair.”


8/12 Email to Veo - We were promised a new replacement one, this is only a few months old.

No response since the 8/12 


Having tried to deal with this directly with Veo and made no headway its time to try social media 

11/12  Match recording - is this really good enough quality 

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