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Mark Dacey steps up to become Sevenoaks Town First Team Manager

The club is delighted to announce that Assistant Manager, Mark Dacey, has stepped up to the position of First Team Manager and will be assisted by Junior James and Adam Flemming along with the rest of the existing backroom staff - Danny Rose, Julian Leigh, Kevin Rawlinson and Carly Payne.

Dacey speaking on being appointed: "I’m honoured to be passed the baton with massive shoes for me to fill. It's a huge confidence boost that the chairman is happy for me to take over from Harry. I will look to add my own stamp on to what Harry has already created, we want to continue to be a free flowing attacking side who compete for the play offs. I’ve got a great group of players and staff, we have enough in our changing room to help achieve our goals"

On Harry Hudson: "I’m extremely grateful to have worked with him, he’s become a life long friend and I’m proud that he’s finally taking a opportunity to explore different avenues of the game. He’s created a stable culture and philosophy at Sevenoaks, a massive credit to what he’s achieved in breaking club records in such a small period"

There’s always a beer waiting for Harry, as well as Dan Hogan who also departs for a great opportunity to spread his wings. Another great coach and person that we will all miss around the place."

The club now looks forward to a new chapter for the Men's First Team under the management of Mark. – Up the Oaks!


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