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Direct Debit link for youth players payments 


If you are using the direct debit payment method this needs to be completed by the parent or person making the payment. 


These need to be completed by Thursday 19th August as direct debit rules require 10 clear days before the payment is due to be made. 


When completing the electronic form it is essential that the parents puts in a reference so we know where the payment has come from.  The reference is the players surname and team age so as an example Lansdale/12


Payment dates are 1st September, 1st December and 1st February 


If we missed the 19th August cut-off date then the DD payment dates all move by one month but that creates a lot more work for us so we ideally want to meet the 19th August


The payments will be as follows 

1st payment 40% of the fees

2nd payment 40% of the fees 

3rd payment 20% of the fees

To find out your teams fees please contact your childs teams manager 

If you have more than one child in the club we will receive a sibling discount. Where this is the case please confirm the total amount due for all your children before completing the direct debit form. 


Even if a parent paid by DD last year we will still require a new direct debit mandate to be set up

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